Yeah i m confused for d first tym dat ‘i m in love or m i being stupid to feel dat c’mon dude u r in love’

No, d thing is dat i waz pretty sure of d thing bt thing started to change wen she started to made me realise dat i m not in love coz she waz thinking dat i m not in love bt i waz lyk i m in love n d things r getting worst everyday

Okay, let me explain….
Wat a true love is ???
I guess its d feeling to worship d person widout any condition bt man things have changed now n in dis world it is not d same as it sud have been..
I dont know WHY bt d real perception of love has changed .ppl r loving on certain condition n d worst part is(or may be d best part) dey r making fun of those who still believes dat there is smthing called true love ..
I can tell u these things coz i have felt these thing …n it waz lyk k i cant love u coz u love me truly n yes she waz making fun of these true love stuff..

Yeah it hurts wen u goes through these thing bt u only evelove as a bttr person during d walk bt smthing happen dat sudn’t have n dat is k u loose yor respect in dis great feeling of love ..u loose respect in girls ,u become a bitter person who has stopped caring for other persons feeling..

These thing might not directly affect d world bt it does affect d person going through these things n d persons around him..
I can jst say dat i loved her so much…morr fan anyyhing else bt it waz nothing more dan a joke to her she made fun of my love n she will have to pay for wat she had done i dnt know wat i m going to do next bt i will do something fir sure i dnt care wat will happen to me or her bt i jat want her bak in my lyf n smthing needs to be done for dat she luks so beautyful n i cant help bt think about her bt inside she is not beautiful at all…
I love her bt i hate her for doing these things n something has to be done i dont know wat bt i will have to do something about this

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Do we really respect girls

Okkk first of all i would like to tell u is dat dis is a topic on which i m thinking too much n getting nowhere i mean seriously..
Its like how do we need to behave to really respect a girl??
No i m not asking those mens out there coz we just cant answer dis .
Its for d women who wants to get respect from men bt d weird part z dat even they dont know which work of man will feel them they r getting respected…..
Here’s it…
A guy he loved a girl so much (like forever till last breathe or if u allow i can continue in next lyf also bt probably she wont coz by then she will be bored),they were together for quite a sime time he was madly in love wid her bt he was nt expreesing his feeling thinking this might even ruin their frendsip.

But one day she told her dat one of her childhood frend has proposed her n she iz gonna refuse it for sure.He was a bit scared coz wat if she says yes to him(ohhh i misssed d main part as this was one of d great stupid reason for their seperation,recently d boy has moved to another city for his academics so only technology were connecting them#n we know technology do not have feeling neither does she had#)

Suddenly d boy was so unsecure dat he proposed her(off course on fb,he dont have guts to do it on fon forget skype) n d reaction was quite normal(even if d boy thought how d hell can she act lyk dat) ,normal in d sense she was not understanding d feeling of her bestii(she calls him by dat now for dat even i wonder y so would u if u hv patience to go till d end),she started softly bt she literally scolded him.
He tried to give her some tym n waited for a fortnight n den again he called her n by his surprise she said i m wid my boyfrend right now i dont wanna talk to u if u want to den u will have to talk to him first,he begged her (dat the real begger on d traffic will feel ashamed of himself knowing dis n will make him their chief) he tried to watever he can bt did not even listen to him,after soms time fb wz d only way to connect her.
After almost 1 year of begging(yaa she told him dat u cant get any other girl so u r begging me to come back to u) he stopped all dis.

Few months later he got her best frend on fb(female dis tym she about d two n has blocked him u know d reason) he wanted to know is she howz going on there and dis is wat he got
He-heyyy u remm. me??
C-yaa of course u true lover(difenately making fun of d love n girls want sm1 who love only her)
He-hehehe ….
So hw r u???
C-dont u wanna know how is she??(cmon bitch who fuckng care abt u i wanna know ol abt my love only)
He-yaa if u can…(hoping some gud words)
C-shs is happy wid her bf she jst hates u she dont even wanna see yor face;;,;;,,,,
He-hmmm i know(n dats killing me inside everyhour)
C-gud…(she wants to shiw dat she dont wanna talk she believe me she wants to)
He-bt i didnt do anything dat bad naa yarr i jst love her for no reason i jst told her my feeling..
C-no she hate u nw to even i hate u coz u dont respect girl..
He-respect???(wat dis fuckin bitch z talking about wat dey want ppl to do to feel being respected)
*for last 1 year u r trying to get her back(is dat make any sense i dont respect coz i want to get her back..fuck up u bitch)
*u uselessly appreciate her(bitch she loved to feel special n dese were 1 of thing i used to do to make her nw she has bf n so she date it)
*u dont care abt her feeling(baby dis is probably d only thng i care abt”abt how she feels”
*u r nt even here hw cn love u(dis is truly ridiculous no comments carry on)
*yor n her height r same u gotta be taller naa(ok these r yor priorities)
He-okkk i got it she hate me coz i love her. Dats it…..fuck off
C-hw cn u use f-wrd to a girl
He-coz i dont respect girlsss

So here z wat i dont understand dat for her respect n love z like they will treat u like pet doggyy n if u wrk according she might give u a kiss, u hv to chnge yor feeling according to her wish ,do wat she want to n if u r doing ol dis correctly den she dont want u buddy u r trained nw she needs a new to do d same…
Mean if u respect her really dat mean u dont n if u dont respect her she z lyk i will make u do so n d day u will start respecting she will say u dont respect me just go away..
Dis is for all those bitch out there

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Does it really matter

Yaa its a serious one though i may not be dat intellectual to argue wid those of u reading my content(prabably )..
Lyk wat defines u r upto a gud career track???
Passing d exams wid gud grades.For countries lyk india get addmission in gud cllge(which r so less in number dat u dont ever remember there z actually sme)..
N if u failed to clear d entrace(man!dis cud be horrable)..
U r done..u r out of everything u cant get anywhere nw..disgusting

   I mean most of d ppl here use fon for fb n watsapp n lappy for games n videos, d ultimate aim of lyf z to clear some exam get a job but wait a min dude there r lots of other thing…
To grow as a country u hv to provide opportunity to odr nt by seeking one for yor whole lyf dat cn only done if r doing smthing new smething lyk never before(bullshit nhi h bhai ek bar soch k dekh tere andar v bohot kch new idea h bt accept krne ka guts nhi)
Change dus perception man we r growing let help each odr grow dont let a student get deprresed n fail in lyf jst bcoz he failed to clear one exam…let him do there can be miracles..(lyk me writing dis to u)

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